About the project

Welcome to the web-portal «Electronic education in Republic of Bashkortostan».

The portal mission is to create a common educational space for all population groups to increase the quality of education by means of best practice exchange.

The main objectives of the portal are: the increase of the education availability level by means of electronic education and remote educational technologies; the development of the electronic education in the Republic of Bashkortostan; the rising of the proportion of the population using current technologies of information communication. 

Our main goals are to increase the level of educational availability by using distant web-educational technologies; to develop web-education in Republic of Bashkortostan and to rise the amount of people who use modern communication technologies.

The goals of the portal are: 

  • the provision of access to high-quality education, re-education and skill upgrade of all levels regardless of the geography and physical state of users;
  • the provision of access to high-quality educational content and the facilitation of co-operation between users of the electronic education system;
  • the realization of the portal as the single “access point” to the electronic educational content including content located on the off-site portals;
  • the realization of the portal as the place for cooperation of the educational organizations for development of up-to-date means and technologies of training.